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don't be one. thanks for watching us tonight. please all remember, the spin stops right here. because we are definitely because we are definitely looking out for you. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: a white house aide credits anointed one for the uprising in libya. mark steyn examines the disforred statements. the clock is ticking. is a government shutdown imminent? >> i'm concerned about the status of the cr. >> sean: dana perino and stuart varney react. gop rising star marco rubio is here with an important message
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for congress. tim pawlenty tells us why he is the best voice to challenge obama. we are on the road to 2012 and hannity starts right here, right now. the president's arrogance was on full display last night as he attempted to defend his decision to go to war in libya. it sounded more like a victory lap than anything else. amid his soaring rhetoric he credited himself with stopping gadhafi's army and preventing a massacre. we are learning an administration official is attempting to credit president obama with igniting the libyan uprising in the first place in a speech monday, controversial white house aide v at columbia university that the president has argued our interests and values cannot be separated. this is not the first time powers' ridiculous comments have made headlines.
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one of her claims to fame she refered to hillary clinton as a monster at the height of the 2008 presidential campaign. the president chose not to deal in facts monday. look no further than the an soed press' scathing analysis of the speech. -- accuses our commander in chief of stretching the truth particularly in regards to his claim the u.s. will take a backseat in libya now nato has taken over. according to the ap: >> sean: joining me with more in studio is mark steyn. how are you? >> great to be with you. >> sean: the president has argued our interests and values cannot be separated.
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this caused what happened in libya? >> this has nothing to do with president obama. even this administration cannot be so narcissistic. this is in fact the post american middle east we are seeing in the formation here. when people -- he sat on the sidelines in the egyptian revolution. obama sometimes he said mubarak should stay, he should go. >> sean: supported them, neutral, opposed. >> he took every position. the guys in the street in tahrir square despiseed obama for that. in iran he took the side of the thugs of the mullahs and their henchmen. in libya these people have put up with this whacky, psychotic transvestite for 40 years and they are sick of him. >> sean: i didn't hear the mad dog referred to as the mad
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transvestite. what do you think the psychology is? i study obama and i have my own theory. i think there's a psychology behind his back of action. his indecision. his timid foreign policy what do you think it is? >> i think there's a passivity there. that's why obama doesn't want to do something difficult like iran or syria. syria is more important to u.s. interests but it is more difficult. with libya, sarkozy and cameron, basically in france and britain, suddenly decided that gadhafi who is their buddy it was time for him to go. sarkozy had gadhafi camping out in the streets of paris in that tent with his 32 favorite virgins and camel and everything a couple years ago. obama decided, okay sarkozy and cameron seem to have got this in their nostrils, i'll string along. it is the absence of american leadership in the world which is the story. >> sean: isn't that reflective
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of his world view? he doesn't believe in american exceptionalism. he gives an american apology tour. it seems as if he doesn't think america last -- has the moral authority to be the leader. so the u.n. moves forward and hillary and other members of the administration. france, ever think we would be following the french? france and great britain move forward. then he's forced into doing something he doesn't want to do. >> this is serious business. we are at war. war is about -- >> sean: no, this is a kinetic military action. >> yeah. kinetic scope limited man caused disaster. the point about it is that war is about will. you've got to know what the end game is. you not to know your war aims. multi-lateral war mongering saps at will. this feels like that business in 1991 where we had the
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world's most perfect multi-lateral coalition at the end saddam hussein was still in power, regarded as the guy who stood up to the great satan and still standing in the end. if gadhafi is still in power in a month this communicates nothing other than american weakness. >> sean: a i agree. how could this be about winning when he said last night, america's role is limited. we are own on the front end of this. no ground troops. and we are passing responsibility, we are going to transfer it to partners. >> i believe it is a canadian general who is running the show. i said i thought it should have been a mexican general. as far as the administration is concerned this is one of those jobs americans won't do. he has deliberately decided to eliminate an american leadership role. as the ap report said, this is a joke. america is nato. you take america out of nato it is a military alliance with
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countries with no military. >> sean: what make of the fact the president said under the power of the constitution, military attack in a situation that doesn't involve stopping an imminent threat to the nation it is unconstitutional. joe biden talked about impeachment. how did we go from there to this position? last night i thought he sounded like bush when he talked about the issue of humanitarian -- >> what is interesting is he feels we don't need congressional approach. but we need the arab league's approval. they go around boasting. the arab league one of the most thuggish and despicable collections of near do wells anywhere on the planet. if -- if mugabe walked into an arab league meeting he would be the most legitimate leader at the table. these are thugs and dictators. obama is saying, we don't need
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the people's representatives in washington, we don't need their approval. we've got the arab league's approval. >> sean: i don't think anybody president has followed the war powers act since nixon. i think he does have his 60 days. congress has a congressional role many if congress says no, they still have 90 days. i don't believe he should have gone to the u.n., nor do i think the arab league should have about our criteria because we missed the opportunity. >> these are american forces going into action. they should be prosecuting the national interest of the united states. that's what an army is for. that's what an air force is for. when they do, the head of state the commander in chief, owes it to the people to give them a rationale for the war. the last month has been the most despicable and contemptable performance by the leader of a democratic republic. he is employed by the american people.
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he is not the southern in a palace presiding over his subjects. >> sean: you are filling in for rush thursday and friday? >> that's right. >> sean: noon to 3 eastern. >> 9 to 12 pacific. master of american time zones. >> sean: great analysis. always good to see you, appreciate it. tonight there are new indications that a government shutdown could be imminent. the latest on that. later, florida senator marco rubio sits down for his very first live national television interview since being elected to the u.s. senate. >> governor pawlenty is throwing his hat in the ring. he will be joining us as well, straight ahead. " are only in mo, consider this: over 70% of firefighters are local volunteers... these are our neighbors putting their lives on the line. and when they rely on a battery, there are firefighters everywhere who trust duracell. and now you can join with duracell to help.
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>> sean: we may be a week from a government shutdown. the congressional resolution funding the government expires at 11:59 p.m. next friday. we are counting down to that moment. every night you will be able to see how much time is left. a shutdown is a prospect lawmakers are beginning to take seriously. that includesítu democrats and senators like chuck schumer of new york. today he arrived early to a call with some of his fellow democratic senators and not aware that reporters were already on the line. you can listen as elect s his colleagues on how to demonize the tea party and house speaker boehner. >> main thrust is basically
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that we want to negotiate and we want to come up with a compromise. but, the tea party is pulling boehner too far over to the right. so far over that they are not -- there's no more fruitful negotiations. the subtext is, the only way we can avoid a shutdown is for boehner to come up with a reasonable compromise and not just listen to what the tea party wants. because the tea party wants to stick to hr-1 with its [ bleep ] draconian extreme, i use the word extreme that's what the caucus instructed me to do. extreme cuts and all these riders. boehner is in a box. >> sean: that's the sort of class we've come to expect from the democrats. joining me with reaction. you guys are nodding your heads, from the fox business network host of varney & company stuart varney and dana perino.
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first, 3.7 trillion dollar budget. 1.65 trillion dollar deficit this year alone. the democrats are willing to offer only 20 billion dollars in cuts. 1.6 trillion deficit. his modus operandi is to demonize? >> far be it for me to be extreme and strong that was a disgrace. to be playing politics. to be trying to shove the blame on to the other side at a time like this. when america truly faces a financial crisis. with a deficit like this. it is a financial crisis. to play politics, like that is an absolute disgrace. he is gambling with america's security. gambling with america's financial future. >> sean: not even glamling this about power. they want all of this money because they get the power. they are calling boehner and the tea party extreme?
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>> it is interesting about that phone call, senator schumer says, i was instructed by the conference to say this. therefore, i'm saying it. when they realize that reporters were on the phone they quickly shut up. more interesting sound bite was that immediately on the heels of senator schumer saying what he had to say, senator boxer repeats it. that's the statement they have out there. there is something that that is a little worse i think than having a messaging meeting and having it be overheard, not i deal. democrats have been saying that speaker boehner has behind closed doors and behind the backs of republicans agreed to cut in half what the republican house passed, which was the 61 billion dollar cut. his office says that is cat goricly not true. they passed -- categorically, not true. they passed that budget 40 days ago, to this date they aren't the senate. if there is a government shutdown it is their fault with
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>> >> sean: frankly 61 billion is peanuts. they might be willing to offer 20 billion in cuts more, peanuts! >> it is ridiculous this is the democrats and this is the white house crisis this is their stimulus plan. their two record spending budgets. their massive spending which has created this crisis. created this spending crisis. forget the republicans. concentrate on the democrats. this is their crisis. >> sean: this is the key. forget this is last year's budget. they had both houses and the white house. here's the thing, i think mike pence is right, it is time for a fight. should the republicans be willing to stan strong and firm as they -- to stand strong and firm as they promised the american people? if the democrats shutdown should they do along? >> yes. >> don't hold back tell us how you feel. maybe. i also know that there is the
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-- the reason they are there is to get something done. this is only for last year's budget that the democrats couldn't pass even when they ran the table. so, there might be a point where we feed to agree to something. >> sean: dick morris talked about some aspect of this as well. how about they defund all foreign aid, all. >> i'm not for that. >> sean: wait a minute, except for israel. because of the position they are in. all foreign aid up and until they come up with a responsible budgeting deal, it is off the table. we'll fun the military, social security, all necessary operations of government. >> i think we are fooling around on the edge of a crisis. i think we are so far gone, we are so close to the point where we drop off that cliff it is time to forget political positioning. time to fix america's finances. >> sean: that's what i'm saying. >> a couple days ago, uncle
9:19 pm
sam tried to borrow money. they ran into some headway. lenders were reluctant to len. that's the first signal we have a crisis and it is approaching. we've got to do something. forget this political positioning. this four billion or 11 billion or not foreign aid, forget that. you've got to get to grips. >> sean: i agree. >> in the interest of the country that's what you've got to do. >> sean: democrats prepared a profit from shutdown. >> right. >> not only that, next week when the house republicans or the week after, when congressman ryan introduces the budget, the democrats are going to for -- forget this about calling them extreme on this budget. they are going after them because republicans are going to have the guts to talk about entitlement reform. that would protect those who are near or in retirement. >> sean: i agree. the democrat strategy has been
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republicans want old people to die and if they live they can only eat dog or cat food. it is going to get worse. what chuck schumer revealed is going to be the strategy up to november 2012. >> demonize, demonize. >> sean: that is not reasonable. you can't have a reasonable with somebody who only wants to cut 20 billion when you have a 1.65 trillion -- >> focus on the president this is the democrats' crisis. they should be leading us out, not playing politics. >> i think the white house will cut some of the senate democrats. i think boehner wins this in the end. think on foreign aid it is not enough if were you to do that. not enough to make a dent. and i don't think it will move the democrats. i >> sean: when we come back we ask -- marco rubio is here. with the first gop primary debates around the corner, one
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of the promising potential candidates, tim pawlenty is here. as we continue in edition of hannity.
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>> sean: tonight it is a hannity exclusive. he's a tea party favorite a rising gop star.
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who has managed to keep a lower profile since last november. not that marco rubio has not been busy. he's been focusing on issues important to his home state, florida. the second youngest u.s. senator is opening up about what he says is the greatest challenge facing our generation today. joining me now the man himself, florida senator marco rubio. senator, welcome back. a pleasure, thank you. >> i'm glad to be back. >> sean: i interviewed you on the radio a while ago. i predicted one day you will be president. and the response was overwhelming. meaning from the audience. they really would like to see that. but you're saying not this time around? >> first of all, i'm flattered by that. and by their response. the reality is i have a pretty important job now. income the united states senate is an important job and it needs to be done well. that's what i'm focused on. i ran because i wanted to have this opportunity to get involved in some of these
9:26 pm
issues we are facing and you've been talking about. and i hope we talk about tonight. >> sean: we are going to talk about it at length. would you not rule out if somebody said you are not going to run, if somebody said senator rubio would you consider running with me, you will not rule that out? >> vice president, no. i'm focused on this. it is important i have that attitude. otherwise i won't be able to do this job well. i believe and i've learned this from being involved before. if you know cussed on anything other than your job you are not -- if you are focused on anything other than your job you are not going to do your job well. >> sean: i was impressed when you wrote the piece, "it is not too late to save america." you said you will not go along with me more continuing resolutions. america borrows four billion dollars a day. we have a 14 trillion dollar debt, plain. >> it is not difficult to understand this is the greatest
9:27 pm
country that has existed. it was built on hard work. as great as the last one huff years for america the next 100 years can be better. the american people haven't forgotten how to create jobs. the only thing standing in their way are government policies. like runaway regulations and unpredictable and high taxes that discourage job creation. these regulatory agencies, tormenting job creators across america. and a government that spends more than it takes in. spends money that it doesn't have. borrowing four billion dollars a day, half from foreigners. most from the chinese. we cannot continue on this road. yes, we can continue to be the greatest country in the history of the world. there are some things we have to deal with. we are running out of time to deal with them. >> sean: you said america is at risk, that our children will inherent a country for the first worse off than the one their parents were given. you say you will not vote to increase the debt limit unless certain things happen. what are they?
9:28 pm
>> first it has to be the last time we do it. meaningful tax reform. meaningful regulatory reform. we can continue to allow regulatory agencies to torment job creators. we need a balanced budget amendment. spending caps. we need to use the debt limit to ensure that america's debt limit begins to decline not always go up. how about going down? these are the things i hope we'll focus on. here's what the critics are going to say we don't have time, that's not true these ideas have been around for a long time. everybody knows what needs to be done. they don't want to do it. they want to us use it to win their next election. they want to use the debt stuff as a political tool to win elections. they are more interested in winning their next campaign, between it means losing the essence of their country. i think that is shameful. >> sean: what have you learned in the short time now that you have been in washington, you've got this good ole boy
9:29 pm
network, harry reid says no way i'm not going to support social security reform. what have you learned in the short time you have been there? how do you break that institutional hold they have? >> let's remind everybody the reason we are still talking about the 2011 budget because the house, senate and white house, democrat party didn't pass a budget last year. in fact, the senate democrats still haven't passed a budget to this moment. i think there are three camps. a group that want to make a difference. a group that want to make a difference but are afraid because it will be used against them. there's a third group that are hoping we step out so they can or try to use it against us. social security and medicare, i want those programs to survive. my mom is on social security. i don't want to sigh any changes for current beneficiaries. if we don't do anything these programs are not going to
9:30 pm
exist. we have to save these programs by reforming these perhaps. the reforms should not be on the shoulders of current beneficiaries or retirees. it should be on people in my generation. it is up to us to deal with this. >> sean: you are really drawing a line in the sand with these stands that you are talking. when you make such a strong commitment you have to standby it or people will say you didn't have the courage of your convictions. where did these values come from? i to know you a bit during your -- i got to know you a bit during your background. i was impressed. you are so passionate. where did these values come from in your life? >> it comes from my upbringing. a small story i shared over this last week. my dad passed away in september. my mom, i've been able to talk to her a lot about this country. i asked what was the thing that struck you the most? she told me it was the first
9:31 pm
time in her life she met anyone who owned or ran something that they didn't inherit. in cuba anybody who owned land or business that was that their parents had and left for them. they told her we started from nothing but we worked hard. for the first time she felt, so did my dad they would have a chance to fulfill their dreams and their kids would. that's unique about america that's the product of the difficult decisions that the people who were here before us made. i'm afraid we are going to lose that if we continue on the road we are now. i know we will. that doesn't have to happen. there's an alternative. we have to get to work on it now. >> sean: do you fear if barack obama would be reelected we would continue down that wrong road? the title of your article it is not too late to save america. >> if we continue with the policies of this president and the leadership and senate have pursued over the last couple of years, if we continue on the road we are on now this
9:32 pm
country will be a very different place four years from now. >> sean: senator rubio, thank you. >> smocking footage of the japanese tsunami. >> one of the first major gop presidential hopefuls to throw his hat into the ring for 2012, tim pawlenty is here next and much more, straight ahead. [ dennis ] introducing good hands roadside from allstate.
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way the gop field is beginning to take shape as new announcements of exploratory committees and key staff hirings keep coming. after more than a year of making speeches my next guest is the first major player to officially announce he's formed a presidential exploratory committee. his objective is simple, straightforward, take back our government. joining me live in studio, former minnesota governor tim pawlenty. how are you? >> than force having me. >> sean: enjoying the time-out on the road? >> i enjoy it a lot. this is not about fun this is about saving america. it is headed in the wrong direction if i wanted to have fun i would be playing hockey and drinking beer. >> sean: what position? >> i used to play defense. >> sean: i was the center. >> now you play whoever gets tired and comes off the ice. >> sean: good point. let me ask you about this little battle with donald trump. he has said where is the birth
9:37 pm
certificate? you said it is not an issue for you. you have no doubt whatsoever. my question to you is, -- i never followed the issue. i've gotten more interested only lately. why don't they just produce the stupid thing and move on? >> first of all, as to donald trump, the donald, i think he's successful, entertaining, interesting, funny he brings a lot to the debate, good for him. on the other hand for me, the news reports from cnn and others have said they've seen the birth certificate. >> sean: never trust cnn. >> it's a start. we big issues in the country this is important if it turned out to be true. i don't believe with the advertisement, with the hospital announcement, with the certificate of live birth. that somebody that long ago, fabricated and created a fraudulent situation that barack obama could be where he is today. i don't believe that. maybe, but something that trump wants to pursue. >> sean: you don't have a problem with people saying can we see it? >> no, but it has been
9:38 pm
reported. cnn, i watched it. cnn reported they saw the birth certificate. you got to believe they didn't and lying or there is something else going on. >> sean: i don't doubt it. i'm just -- now it is getting strange they don't say here. let me move on. >> other thing is it is becoming a big distraction for other reasons. we issues in front of us that are going to take down the country if we don't fix 'em. >> sean: i agree. senator rubio was just saying the same thing. i thought your comments were dead on about the president being timid on libya. i find he has this pattern where he seems indecisive and can't make up his mind. what do you think is going on? >> somebody who is sitting atop the most complex and important organization in the world who doesn't understand executive function and leadership. i also think he's somebody who has an incoherent view of america's place in the world. when he runs around the world and apologizes and says we are
9:39 pm
one of many, one of equals that is not true. that is not america's place. our role is not to be one of many. not to lag behind china. our role as the united states of america is to lead the world in everything. not have an an gist as president. >> sean: you think -- you think barack obama does he not believe in american exceptionalism is that what it is? >> it stars with a coherent understanding of -- it starts with a coherent understanding of what we settle for. you revert back to your core beliefs and values. in egypt the response was, hillary clinton, he's not -- the situation is stable. by the way, we are dinner friends with the mubaraks. we have the vice president saying he's not a dictator. head of national intelligence for the country says the muslim brotherhood is a largely secular organization. then they say mubarak has to go. and they send wisner to return to whisper in his ear. he doesn't understand america's place in the world
9:40 pm
and history. he's weak. when you have unsettled situations you have to revert to your core values and principles and he doesn't believe what we believe. >> sean: how bad is the economy? >> i think we are headed for a double dip. i think you have a situation where they've devalued the dollar. a strong dollar represents a strong country and economy. they've flooded the economy with fiat money in a return of inflation in a manner to a degree that i think is going to be troubling. they have no appreciation and respect for the deployment of private capital and markets. they've botched the additional burdens they put on the deployment -- >> sean: do you see any way out of this before the election in 2012? you see any avenue for improvement? >> it may look like there's temporary improvement because they've artificially infused the economy with government money. the consequences of that, as sure as we are sitting here will rear its head many one of the questions for the american
9:41 pm
people are going to be do you really want $4 a gallon gas, 8, 9, 10 higher percent of unemployment? >> sean: can you afford four more? >> as i travel the country one of the saddest things i encounter is the number of believe that our best days are not yet ahead of us that's a sad development. it is a reflection, i think of weak, uncertain and compromised leadership. >> sean: how do you break out in this race? we don't know who else is in it. there's going to be a lot of people similar views. how is governor pawlenty going to break out and distinguish himself from the other candidates in the race? >> what will differentiate people is their personal background and story. like senator rubio, i grew up in a blue collar background meat packing town we have a record. cato institute gave me one of
9:42 pm
four a grades for governor in the country. one of four. i got a vision for the future. i think another thing that will differentiate unite not just the conservative movement but the party. libertarian conservatives, economic conservatives, social conservatives, national defense conservatives, i think i'm going to be the only candidate in the field who can appeal to the whole party and go out and compete in a place like minnesota and win it. >> sean: governor i hope to see you often. we appreciate you stopping by. >> thanks for having me. >> sean: our great, great american panel next. @? i was driving in northern california. my son was asleep.
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. >> sean: tonight he's the editor of national review, rich lowry is back. former vice chair of the dnc finance committee michael brown. >> former assistant district attorney in brooklyn, new york contestant on donald trump's reality show the apprentice. masha saeidi-azcuy is here. do you support trump if he gets into the race? >> i support governor pawlenty. >> sean: you got pretty far. it is a great show. >> i did, he did give me a
9:47 pm
start. i am here, so. >> sean: who do you think michael would be as a democrat, the person you would least want obama to run against? we just had governor pawlenty here, marco rubio, pawlenty and rubio? >> they are good quality guys clearly they care about the republican party, the country. neither can beat president obama, period. >> sean: is there anybody you think? >> no. >> sean: you are dead wrong. >> you have a big bench but a shallow ben: >> sean: marco is not going to run but he will be president of the united states one day. if he was on the ticket he would be a second choice. national review, let me hold this up. captain u.n. i assume that's president obama. >> the great multi-lateral president leading a mission he can't enunciate clearly but he's doing something over there. >> sean: you follow this everyday as i do.
9:48 pm
i have not come to a decision. i want to hear an the candidates. i think whoever the leader is will emerge naturally >> that's the right attitude. i disagree with michael. i think if president obama is around 50 or below, where he is now he will lose to any acceptable republican. this is obviously an extremely volatile time in politics. it would be foolish to make any grand pronounce s. >> sean: how important will this soming -- so-called shutdown be? democrats seem to want this shutdown. you listen to the tape we played earlier of chuck schumer today, we are going to call them extreme and tie baner to the tea party. would it be -- tie boehner to the tea party. would it be in the republicans' best interest to say not pass continuing resolutions or work against them? >> first we wouldn't be having this discussion if the 111th congress had passed a budget but they didn't even vote on it. i think what is going on is
9:49 pm
the obama administration sees the threat rising of a possible shutdown here's comes the spin. we are meeting them halfway. we are going to make 20 billion in cuts. what are these cuts? we have yet to see the proposal? >> sean: 20 billion of a 3.7 trillion dollar budget. we are accumulating four billion dollars a day. this is ludicrous, michael? >> both parties have had a lot of spin, not much has been coming on relative to the cuts. no one has put down markers relative to what -- >> sean: this coming april, the 2012 budget the republicans have to come forward. they say they are going to deal with entitlements. they are going back to 2008 spending levels. would that be something you could support as a democrat? >> i don't know if the shutdown helps either party. i don't think the american people want a shutdown.
9:50 pm
>> right now the democrats are the party of the shutdown. they clearly want it to happen. they rely on the media to blame the tea party. the media already thinks the tea party are racist terrorists, of course they are going to blame them for the shutdown. you had dean and schumer, dean said it today, it would be the greatest thing to happen in the world. this is -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: what did you think of schumer caught on tape and what he was saying that we are going to call them extreme, tie them to the tea party and they are beholding to the tea party. i think the country wants us to move to a balanced budget and wants them to spend less. >> they do. the country wants spending cuts. it does not want a shutdown. the democratic strategy is to pull republicans into a shutdown and blame them for it on the model of what happened -- >> that doesn't make sense. in february they passed in the house a budget 61 billion in cuts that's the least that i
9:51 pm
think is acceptable. now is your time, do your job or you are not going to have a job. >> until speaker boehner can figure out who the leader of the republican party is on the house side, tea party folks or his office? they are going to have this dilemma for a while. those are the facts. >> sean: is he beholding to the tea party? i hope is -- i hope he is people want a balanced budget. >> keep in mind, bush blew through budgets. >> sean: barack obama just under five trillion in obama debt. more than bush in eight years. >> budget deficit in '07 was 170 -- >> sean: 161. we'll continue, great american panel, straight ahead. [ male announcer ] escape convention.
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>> sean: we continue with our great american panel. we have what i think is one of the scariest videos to date of the japanese tsunami. as you look at this, literally is pretty much engulfing an entire what looks like an entire town. literally spilling into a city. one press report said swallowing the city whole this
9:56 pm
goes on for the better part of a minute. >> longer, it goes on for five minutes. just to see the clips it is horrifying. this unstoppable wall of water going on and on. probably didn't stop after five minutes. whoever was videotaping probably stopped the tape. >> sean: takes one home away after another. just rips it away. it is really sad to see. it is like all the people's life and property and everything they worked for is -- >> it is devastating. what is surprising is japan is best equipped to deal with tsunami and earthquake disasters and you has happened with them. i think what is going on with the nuclear reactors is good for us to examine our nuclear reactors. i don't think we should change our energy policy because of what is going on in japan. >> sean: no. we need nuclear power. we need to drill baby drill. you agree with drilling? >> those pictures show mother nature no matter how prepared
9:57 pm
mother nature with always win those battles. you have to do everything you can to try to prevent. >> sean: this billboard is going up on the southside of chicago. actually march 29th and 30th, pro-life billboards. as you see, every 21 minutes our next leader is aborted. abortion is black genocide is the headline. there's a picture of barack obama. what is your reaction? >> this is what happens when you have a very heated particular subject matter. abortion has always been there. president obama is a pro-choice person, so am i and many americans are. >> sean: we break down politics with demographics, old, young, white america votes this way, african-americans vote this way, latino vote, we talk about it all the time. demographically there is such a high percentage of
9:58 pm
african-american children that are an ed, is this something that -- that are aborted, is this something we are not paying enough attention to? >> absolutely right. in new york city the abortion rate among blacks is 60%. that is just astonishing and heartbreaking. if there are any other policy in this country that so negatively affected black children it would be a national scandal everyday. >> problem with that stat is, it is easier to charge and measure on the public apportions than on the private. that's why you can't do apples with apples in the white community -- those numbers are not act . >> sean: five to 10 times as many. [ talking over each other ] >> folks going to a private facility are not counted. >> so what. it is still too many. [ talking over each other ] >> 32% of all abortions occur
9:59 pm
with african-american women. i think clearly it is not proportionate. first amendment rights, i don't think the billboard is vulgar there is nothing wrong with it. >> every child is a gift and has an amazing potential and can possibly grow up to be a liberal president of the united states. [ laughing ] >> nothing wrong with being conservative, right? >> sean: no, but there is something wrong with being a liberal, michael. >> i don't agree. >> sean: real quick. hear about the girl scouts in missouri that there was an occupancy code and one person complained and they shutdown their stand selling girl scout cookies. >> we need to enforce the law no matter how cute and young you are. >> sean: i'm sticking up for the girls. >> for the girl scouts. >> sean: sell the cookies

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